NEW!  After the Darkness by Stormy Heart
Rated G, 108k
Mulder and Scully have found proof, but 
they get sidetracked with a big problem.
NEW! Blind by Vered Gilad-Friedman Rated G, 4k Scully's reaction to having been made blind in "Theef."
NEW! Blind Faith by Scarlet Otter Rated PG-13, 48k Not summarized
Blind Faith by TBishop Rated NC-17, 75k "I first suspected something might be wrong a few weeks ago...."
Blind Faith II: Matters of Trust by TBishop Rated NC-17, 40k "I first suspected something might be wrong a few weeks ago....
Blind Rain by Chelsey Rated PG, 72k "Upsetting turn in Scully's illness. Set after Momento Mori."
NEW! The Darkness Within by Cat Rated N/R, 74k Not summarized
The Driver by Humbuggie Rated G, 19k "When Mulder saves a blind woman's life, he is given a chance to change both his and Scully's life, but he must make a choice."
NEW! Goin' Nowhere by Nicole Perry Rated N/R, 854k Not summarized
Gold by Dawn Pares Rated PG, 9k "Scully's growing tumor causes blindness and Angst-O-Rama. 4th season spoilers."
Hear No, See No by Lyz Rated PG, 12k "When Scully goes blind (and deaf)."
NEW! i see by sharim Rated N/R, 50k Mulder didn't find the doll at the end of "Theef."
NEW! i want by sharim Rated N/R, 59k Sequel to "i see"
The Messenger by Humbuggie Rated PG, 186k "A woman from the past returns to take terrible revenge on Mulder and his partner, leaving Scully blind for life. When he is offered a chance to take Scully's place, he accepts, not only endangering his own life, but also changing his life forever, not knowing the link with his own past is closer than anyone could ever think."
NEW! Things Which Are Not by Karen Rasch Rated PG-13, 56k Given the events in "Gethsemane" this is one possible explanation for what occurred. It also offers a way for matters to resolve themselves.
What the Eyes Can't See by Dantzi Jean Rated PG, 187k "How can you fight something you can't see?" | Home | Mulder Stories | Other Character Stories |