NEW! Blind Trust by mlb Rated NC-17, 20k Not summarized
NEW! Thirty Years of Tears by Kristen K2 Rated NC-17 for acts of discipline, 42k Skinner struggles with losing his sight.
NEW! Blind Rain by Kristen K2 Rated NC-17 for loving discipline, 15k A glimpse into a working relationship.


NEW! Alone in the World by spookycc Rated PG-13, 18k Not summarized
NEW! I See You by Budgiebird Rated N/R, 6k Scully visits Doggett in the hospital.
NEW! Vison Quest by Kathleen A. Klatte Rated N/R, 19k Not summarized

Other Character

NEW! Avenging Angel by Junko Mitani Rated NC-17, 846k (Savannah) When a phone call breaks a typical X-File case briefing in AD Skinner's office, Mulder finds himself suddenly trapped and forced to deal with events from one of his first year FBI Violent Crimes Unit cases in which he participated as a consultant and the killers' final victim.
NEW! Dragons 52: Dragons of the Sight by Sheryl Martin Rated PG, 47k (Jackie St. George) A series of blinding attacks send the trio on a search.
NEW! Year of the Rat 8: Starfish by Colleen C. Bailey Rated NC-17, 88k (Rose) Krycek suffers a loss, and seeks answers before realizing he needs to evaluate the questions.
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