In A Flash


Thank you, for loving me
For being my eyes when I couldn't see
For parting my lips when I couldn't breathe
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for loving me

--Bon Jovi


The rugged landscape was beautiful but bare as the hot sun glinted off the top of the rocks. At the bottom of the ridge,two figures ran hard and fast away from the cliffs. The rocky terrain bit their ankles, and sweat soaked their clothes as they tried to negotiate the ruts and stones.

There was no cover and no shelter in this canyon, and the man knew they were not going to get the distance they needed in time. They were not going to be able to outrun it. The woman behind called to him, her voice tinged with panic, "Mulder!"

"Keep moving, Scully!" he shouted. "Go, go GO!"

He could see the countdown timer in his head and knew they were only seconds away from the blast. Scully was breathing hard as she ran past him, obviously determined that the rocks would not slow her down. She got several yards ahead when her cuff snagged on an outcropping. Losing her balance, but gaining momentum, Mulder watched as she slammed face down into the large stones.

"Scully!" It was too late, Mulder looked up and saw an incredibly bright flash of light and felt a rush of heat barrel into him. The force of the blast threw him to the ground, and the heat and debris flying overhead pinned him down.

He blinked twice to clear his eyes which were suddenly clouded white. In that slow motion moment, he heard Scully's gurgled breathing ahead of him, and unable to see, Mulder groped an arm out to reach for her. Trying to stand, he blinked again only to be met with another, more intense flash...then nothing.


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